Support Services

I can help you live a liberated gluten free, or food allergen, life.
A life not restricted by your diet! 

Celtic Celiac is a  Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) in New York State. As an LMSW, and individual with Celiac Disease, I am determined to assist gluten free individuals understand and take a hold of their diet and lives. Celtic Celiac strives to help these individuals live liberated lives not held back by their diets by providing educational, empowerment, coaching, consulting, and advocacy services.

For many, the influences of a gluten free diet not only have a physical demand on their lives, but also influences psychological, emotional, and social well being. However, a restrictive diet doesn’t have to restrict your entire life. Support and education are key to a positive quality of life so working with a skilled professional might be helpful for some gluten free individuals.

If you or your child are newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity, or simply need more help in improving your gluten free life, Celtic Celiac can assist you in your journey towards living a happy and healthy gluten free life.

Celtic Celiac’s services include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Kitchen and Pantry Makeovers
  •  Education about your condition and what it means to be gluten free
  • Social and Communication Skills Building and Support
  •  Grocery Shopping tours and assistance
  •  General knowledge building exercises regarding gluten free living 
  •  Meal and lunch box planning 
  •  Support in navigating the school system from Pre K to College
  • Gluten Free Event Planning Help
  • Empowerment and Self Advocacy Exercises
  • Resource Development and Connection 
  • Providing emotional support to client & family
  • Overall assistance to transition to a self sustained healthy and happy gluten free life style 

For more information on these services, please email Celtic Celiac at 

Celtic Celiac can also work with restaurants, stores, and other businesses to educate them on gluten free food options and cross contamination issues, as well as link them to trainings from National organizations.


Disclaimer: Celtic Celiac is not a medical professional. While services might touch on diet or nutrition, it is important to note that this is not from a medical perspective. It is important to also continue consulting with your primary care physician, or Registered Dietician or Nutritionist, when striving to lead the healthiest life with a restrictive diet.  

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