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Celiac Disease has a wide range of impacts on the everyday lives of 1 out of 133 people in the United States, with food allergies and gluten intolerance impacking more. Undiagnosed Celiac Disease is now viewed as one of the possible leading causes of depression, and bullying is higher in schools for this population. Most interestingly, Celiac Disease is even considered by some to be developing into a Public Health Crisis and could be a leading factor in childhood deaths.With influences in the areas of social, emotional, psychological, and physical well-being these illnesses need to be discussed and are highly relevant in the field of Social Welfare. Thus, part of this blog will look at these areas and seek to offer suggestions to help bring light to the these illnesses as well as educate, advocate and improve the quality of life for those with Celiac Disease and food allergies on a global level.

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CC’sGF Social Work Related Posts:

Psychological and Emotional 
The Social-Emotional Problem With Celiac Disease
My One Year Anniversary Being Gluten Free: Some Reflections
The Importance of Slow Moments
Gluten Free Diet Management When You’ve Lost a Loved one

Social Environments 
Facing Discrimination with Celiac Disease and Food Allergies
Some Thoughts on Gluten Free Eating in an Office Enviornment
Shared Kitchens and Small Spaces: The GF implications

School Settings
The School System and our Children with Food Concerns (Celiac Disease, Food Allergies etc.)
Part II: The School System and our Children with Food Concerns (Alienation and Bullying)
Back to School Celiac Disease Style: Some Helpful Tools
For the Love of Food, Health, and Academics

Body Image and Eating Disorders
Body Image and Celiac Disease: A New Thought?
Body Image and Celiac Disease Part Two: Slim is in, but to what point?
Body Image and Celiac Disease Part Three: Eating Disorders and Celiac Disease
Eating Disorder Recovery, and Food Related Illnesses, Can be Difficult During The Holidays

Policy and Legislation
GF Policy: FDA Reopens GF Labeling Law-for Public Comments
What the Lesley University and Americans with Disabilities Act Agreement Means for You

Advocacy and Awareness 
National Celiac Awareness Day
Gluten Free Self Advocacy Tools: Your Personal Life (for friends, family, school, & medical discussion)
Gluten Free Self Advocacy Tools: Your Shopping & Dining Life
Gluten Free Self Advocacy Tools: Legislative and Political Advocacy

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