Potluck Dinner Club: Picnic and BBQ foods (with a bonus Black Bean Salad Recipe)

Things are finally starting to warm up around here on Long Island so, to take advantage of this, June’s potluck was Picnic and BBQ themed. We held it at a local picnic area near a beach, and it was a fun afternoon and evening. Aside from the food, we played lawn golf, listened to music, chatted, and headed to the beach for sunset. 

The food went SUPER quick, and this was less informal than the other potlucks so it was hard to catch photos of the food itself. Here’s a recap of the food though:

Off The Grill:
We had a good selection of cold dishes, almost all of which were gluten free, which included: Potato salad, layered vegetarian taco dip, salsa, tortilla chips, cucumber salad (with feta, olives and onions), black bean salad, Mexican themed white rice, homemade ginger lemonade and cherry limeade, Gluten free brownies, deviled eggs, wraps (not gluten free), and quinoa salad. The homemade lemonade and limeade was to die for, and was a perfect refreshment served in individual mason jars. So good!

On The Grill:

The gentlemen took over the grills for most of the day. We had two portable grills so grilling up things we quick and simple although finding the right flame height was a bit of trouble in the wind.

On the grill we made: burgers, London broil, salmon, corn on the cob, peppers and onions, ginger lemon chicken kabobs (with peaches, peppers, and onions), grilled eggplant, grilled squash, and grilled caprese salad. 

Out of all the dishes, I thought the Black Bean Salad was a perfect recipe to share because of it’s simplicity. It is a quick and tasty dish you can pull together in a pinch for a summer get together. 
 1 cup (or 1 can) cooked black beans
1 cup (or can) corn
1.5 cps diced tomatoes (or 1 can) 
1/2 cup diced red onion, 
1 minced jalapeno
juice if 2-3 limes (or 4-6 Tbs)
1/3-1/2cup diced cilantro, 
1 diced avocado
salt/pepper to taste.  

1. Mix all of the above ingredients, except the avocado, together in a seal-able bowl or Tupperware.
2. Let sit at least 1hr for flavors to mix. 
3. Add the avocado right before serving. 

(Courtesy of my friend Michelle N. (AKA Shelly))

See, simple and delicious! Next up in our Potluck Dinner Club is a cheese potluck, stay tuned! 

Celtic Celiac @ http://celtic-celiac.blogspot.com/

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