27 Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Recipes You’ll Adore

27 Gluten Free Valentine's Day Recipes You'll Adore (Other allergens noted, round up by Celtic Celiac)

When I make food I always try to make it with love in mind, whether it’s just for myself or to share. I feel that little thought works wonders and makes the food taste even better. Plus food is nourishing, which means we are showing love to our bodies, and when we eat as a family or a group of friends we are all relishing in that love. What better day to spread the love through food than on Valentine’s Day. Whether you are dining with a friend, having a party, or sharing a special night with your sweetheart this round up of Gluten Free recipes from my favorite food allergen bloggers will definitely make you adore what you are eating (hopefully as much as you adore the company). I’ve also shared other dietary comments if the original recipe identified whether it was free of other ingredients or met particular standards. Happy eating, loving, and Valentine’s Day!


Copycat Bounty Bar Hearts by Allergy Girl Eats

Chocolate Strawberry Coconut Hearts by Raia’s Recipes (Grain, Egg, and Dairy Free)

Chocolate Hearts by My Plant Based Family (Dairy Free)



Tiramisu Gluten Free Chocolate Truffles by My Gluten Free Miami

5-ingredient Sugar-Free Chocolate Nutella Truffles by Wholesome Yum (Low Carb)

Cookies and Cream Truffles by Vegetarian Mama (Dairy & Nut Free)



Gluten Free Royalty Cookies by Gluten Free Palate

Gluten Free Cherry Pinwheel Cookies by What the Fork Blog (Dairy Free Option)

Soft Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies by Accidentally Crunchy (Dairy Free)

Gluten Free Conversation Heart Cookies by What the Fork Blog (Dairy Free)

Gluten Free Strawberry Jam Filled Linzer Cookies by Fearless Dining



Chocolate Lava Mugcake by Casey The College Celiac (Vegan and Paleo)

Chocolate Raspberry Heartcakes by Strength and Sunshine (Vegan) 

Raspberry Molten Lava Cakes by Texan Erin (Dairy Free & Whole Grain Options)

Gluten Free Mini Heart Layer Cakes by Celiac Mama


Other Sweets

Sex in a Pan Dessert by Wholesome Yum (Sugar Free & Low Carb)

Paleo No-Bake Raspberry Cream Pie by Texan Erin (Vegan, Grain Free)

Date Brownies by Cricket Confections (No Refined Sugar)

Gluten Free Brownies with Vanilla Salt by Fearless Dining

Strawberry ‘n Creme Chocolate Cups by Go Dairy Free (Dairy Free)


Non Sweet Foods

Garlicky Goat Cheese Beets by Celtic Celiac (Vegetarian)

Creamy Roasted Tomato Vodka Sauce with Penne by Go Dairy Free (Dairy Free)

Beetroot Risotto by Strength and Sunshine (Vegan)

Gluten Free and Vegan Pizzas with Pizzaz by Casey the College Celiac (Paleo)



Elderberry Kefir by Raia’s Recipes

Dairy Free Cafe Mocha by Vegetarian Mama


General Tips

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Food Allergies by Accidentally Crunchy


***Disclaimer: Recipes and Photos were used with permission. Photos in post image are from, from left to right: Allergy Girl Eats, Vegetarian Mama, What the Fork Blog, and Casey the College Celiac.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my sweet treats! I am scheduling all these goodies to be shared on social media! Happy Valentines Day!

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