Celtic Celiac’s 2016 Gluten Free Holiday Gift Guide

Happy happy holidays! Thanksgiving is in less than a week and I feel like I am WAY behind with everything holiday related. I barely know what I’ll be doing for Thanksgiving and I am still in full shopping mode for December. I am guessing you probably are as well so let’s hope this gift guide can come in handy for just that!

This year’s guide is full of some delicious and fun items, and for the FIRST year ever I’ve partnered with some great companies to offer you discounts on your orders. You’ll see those discounts identified on the guide in red; all of them available using code CCHolidays2016 (through December 31st 2016). Want to buy the items? You can find the links by hovering over the images in the PDF (link directly below), or in the outline below the image. Happy Shopping!

Celtic Celiac’s 2016 Gluten Free Holiday Gift Guide

Celtic Celiac's 2016 Gluten Free Holiday Gift Guide

Full Item Details:

  1. Salt Sampler Gift Set by Crimson and Clove ($40/Online or at Farmer’s Markets): This local company specializes in making spices and spice gift sets, including unique blends such as horseradish sea salt. They’re stuff is phenomenal.
  2. Cold Pressed Nuts Variety Pack 50 Piece Bucket by TerraNut ($30/Online or at Farmer’s Markets): Locally made these small snacks are packed with protein and are incredibly filling. The bucket would be a good gift, or try a smaller box for a stocking stuffer.
  3. Wine Infused French Macarons by End of the Line (~$10/various locations): If you are looking for a more off the beaten path gift try these wine macarons, available in various locations across the East End of Long Island including Taste the East End in Riverhead. They’re also made with local wines as far as I know.
  4. Pure Genius Brownies by Pure Genius Provisions ($15 – $50/Online): These brownies are gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, soy-free, kosher (certified by the Orthodox Union), and soon-to-be verified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project. The secret ingredient is beans, so they are packed full of protein and fiber. ** 20% DISCOUNT OFFERED WITH CODE CCHolidays2016**
  5. Tiny B Chocolates Gift Boxes by Tiny B ($15 – $50/Online): Tiny B is a company that specializes in Brazillian chocolates, called brigadeiros, and these little truffles are to die for if you are a chocolate lover. The gift boxes come with multiple flavors and are a perfect gift. Read my review of these from earlier in the year for more information.  ** 20% DISCOUNT OFFERED WITH CODE CCHolidays2016**
  6. Free2B Dark Chocolate Sun Cups 2pk by Free2B (~$2.50/ each from various locations): Sunflower seeds are my favorite seeds, and they are amazing paired with chocolate. These are great for those with a peanut allergy. You can find them available at Target, Stop and Shop, and other stores in 2pks or you can buy a 24 pack online for $30. 
  7. GF Jules Award Winner Pack by GF Jules ($67.33/online): Jules is hands down one of my favorite gluten free product developers around. Her products are amazing, and this pack will provide you with 1.5lbs of her all purpose flour (#1 rated), bread mix (#1 rated), cookie mix (#3 rated), and pancake mix (#3 rated). A perfect gift for anyone wanting to stock their gluten free pantry. ** 20% DISCOUNT OFFERED WITH CODE CCHolidays2016**
  8. Fiesta Bowl by Serrv ($22/online or in magazine): Serrv is a company which sells products made by artisans in developing areas and countries. The products help these artists gain economic sustainability. These Fiesta bowls add a bit of color pop to your home or kitchen decor, while still giving back.
  9. Cutting Costs for Celiacs Donation ($ Any amount/online): Cutting Costs for Celiacs is a non-profit which helps gluten free individuals across Wisconsin access gluten free food through coupons, stipends, and gift baskets. Donations support these efforts. You can learn more about Cutting Costs for Celiacs in my interview with the founder.
  10. Team Gluten-Free Crew Neck T-Shirt by Celiac Disease Foundation ($20/online): Represent the gluten free community by wearing this T-Shirt. It’s great for wearing in a race, or nay day. Proceeds go to the Celiac Disease Foundation.
  11. Skull and Crosswheat Razorback Tank by Celiac and the Beast ($24/online): I’ve been all about racer and razorback tanks lately, they’re just so comfortable! This one from Celiac and th Beast gives a ‘don’t mess with me vibe’ in a good way and is a fantastic way to represent the gluten free community.
  12. 8 Inch Chef’s Knife by Global ($93/Amazon): This is the knife I swear by for almost all my cooking needs. It is made by a company which makes samurai swords, with each knife being one solid piece of metal (including the handle). It is great for fine work and cutting through sturdy stuff, making it well worth the money.
  13. Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*$K Cookbook by Thug Kitchen ($18/Amazon): Thug Kitchen is a cookbook for those that enjoy Vegan food with a side of cursing (and deliciousness). This book features simple and fast recipes, and they now label the recipes that are or can be modified to be gluten free. We own all their books, and there have always been gluten free recipes.
  14. Personal Single Serve Blender with Lid by Hamilton Beach ($15/Amazon): This individual blender is great for single portion smoothies and drinks that you can take on the go. We also use it to make smaller portions for breakfasts for two in the morning.
  15. Totally Bamboo State Shaped Serving/Cutting Board by Bed Bay and Beyond ($15 – $20/Bed Bath and Beyond): These boards are simply adorable and are available in every state shape (and a few local shapes such as Long Island.) We’ve given them away as gifts several times in the past year with success. They add some fun to any cooking or dining session.

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